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If you’re serious about success in China, join AQSIQ® Association. We help our more than 3,600 individual members from over 2,100 companies succeed in China by providing unparalleled AQSIQ business advocacy, a wide range of networking opportunities, valuable information and intelligence, and comprehensive business support services.

Our members include major multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises, nonprofit organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

Member Benefits

  • AQSIQ Certificate Application Guide
  • Priority unique application time schedule for members
  • Professional and reliable service efficiency for your products into the China market
  • Share AQSIQ precious information resources.
  • Tracking your certificate information, Protect your legal rights.

Annual membership fees

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$ 1200.00

Membership Validity 12 months

AQSIQ Member


$ 300.00

Membership Validity 12 months

AQSIQ registration certificate will be sent to this email address, please fill it carefully and reserve enough email box capacity.
We have found that some applicants have not been able to receive the certificate in time, because the address wrong or the emailbox capacity is full.

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